Baseline Testing

Concussion Prevention
and Recovery Road Map.


Establishing a baseline ahead of time
can help prevent injury while providing a
critical road map for faster, safer recovery.

For individuals 15-24 years of age, sports are the second leading cause of traumatic brain injury only behind motor vehicle accidents.
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Baseline testing is a snapshot of your brain at a time when both mind and body are in a normal and healthy state. This provides two primary benefits:
  1. It provides a road map for recovery should a concussion occur.
  2. Baseline testing often reveals where vulnerabilities might be present in advance. When this is the case we can design a program aimed at improving overall performance and decreasing the chance of future injury due to an existing condition.

Comprehensive baseline testing provides a true
snapshot of the physical and mental state.

To capture a complete view of physical and mental abilities in a baseline assessment, ICT uses a combination of proven testing procedures combined with sophisticated testing equipment for accurate and reliable results.

Standard baseline test.

Comprehensive baseline test.

Comprehensive baseline test.

Executive Function

Executive function is the brain’s ability to think and reason normally under every day circumstances. ICT utilizes imPACT testing and Dynavision technology to assess executive function skills. All ICT therapists are imPACT certified and trained in Dynavision evaluation and treatment.

Visual Motor Skills

Following a brain injury, independent research has shown that up to 90% of concussion patients will demonstrate visually related symptoms. ICT utilizes Dynavision technology, visual motor and visual perceptual tests to provide an excellent baseline of visual motor skills.

Balance Strategies

Balance strategies can be affected post concussion by inner ear (vestibular impairments), vision impairments, poor autonomic control (heart rate and blood pressure) and medications. ICT utilizes Biodex technology, gait assessment and appropriate balance tests to provide an excellent snapshot of balance strategies and vestibular function.


Putting it all together, coordination is the integration of your reasoning, vision, vestibular function and other systems to carry out functionality. Having a comprehensive baseline assessment is vital for the overall picture of functional performance.